Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, December 03,2020

Feature of the Week

Along with the fraud comes chargeback. These disputed charges and transactions can affect reduced authorization and, in turn, bad business.  Read more
Multichannel marketing contains the promotion of the same marketing strategy or campaign within multiple channels.  Read more
Personalization has always been a fantasy that most marketers indulge in, where they can directly interact with individual consumers while controlling the context and timing of the content delivered.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Mike Ball, VP IT & CIO, Werner Enterprises [NASDAQ: WERN]  
GIS technology enabled us to take appropriate action within an hour of a rockslide and we were able to make timely billing adjustments for the new out-of-route miles as needed  Read more
By Stephen Barnham, Senior Vice President & CIO, MetLife Asia  
Stephen Barnham is a senior technology executive with a track record in leading digital transformation in Financial Services.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Shao-Yi Chien, CEO  
In pursuit of discovering endless opportunities in the field of eye-tracking, a team of dreamers, doers, and thinkers in Taiwan founded Ganzin. The company's eye-tracking technology overcomes the challenges in integrating eye tracking into AR/VR...  Read more
By Deepti Seth, HOD  
Internut is a full-service digital agency with a high-performance track record spanning 15 years. The enterprise has helped design brands build digital properties and connected customers to their clients. Internut has worked with some of the...  Read more
By Takeshi Sakakura, CEO  
JMA Systems Corp. (JMAS), is a company that has been providing information systems for 50 years, with the Japan Management Association as its parent body. JMAS has been developing mobile apps for corporations since 2010 and has a record of...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Chris Foord, Regional Director – Argon & Co.  
Things have changed….and so must logistics networks of the future. Local, regional, national, and international logistics is becoming increasingly complex and customers want more.  Read more
By Rohit Narayan, Global Director, Telecom, nVent  
In the 1980’s if one made a phone call or for that matter a Telex call there was almost a 100% certainly that that call would be completed successfully.  Read more