Digitization-Much more than Just Fancy Technology

Nilesh Mhatre, CIO, North America, Schindler Digital Business

The Future of Technology in Construction

Sam Lamonica, CIO, Rosendin Electric

Leveraging Innovation to Create Enhanced Customer Experiences

Andy Weir, CIO and Executive GM, Enterprise Services, Bankwest

Embracing Change for IT in the Construction Sector

Embracing Change for IT in the...

Jason R. Kasch, CIO, Structural Group

Adjust: Mobile Marketing and Fraud Prevention Done Right

Adjust: Mobile Marketing and Fraud...

Christian Henschel, CEO & Co-Founder,Adjust

Transform or Wither!!

Transform or Wither!!

Bruce Callow, CTO, Griffith University

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Shailendra Kumar, Vice President & Chief Evangelist, Analytics, Leonardo – Asia Pacific...

The Learning Management System: Making Your Choice in Times of Change

The Learning Management System: Making...

Lindsay Rattray, Associate Director, Learning Systems, Technologies and Innovation,...